Getting Back Into Shape for Heart Health

Heart HealthHeart health is important. This organ of yours is extremely important to care of. If you don’t, there are a huge number of issues you’ll have to deal with throughout your life.

Not just medical conditions. But life conditions.

Your heart health impacts your ability to not only live but to live a full and happy life.

You need it to truly enjoy the things that make life great.

So it’s important to get your heart back into shape if you’ve been neglecting your health recently.

You want to make sure you’re eating right and staying active. That’s just really all there is to it.

There are a number of ways to do this, which we’ll mention here on Tanzania Heart Institute from time to time.

For now, just get up and get out. Go for a walk today – even if it’s 15-20 minutes.

And eat healthy foods – lots of vegetables and high-quality meat/fish.

Keeping Active

Ideally, you want to have some type of strenuous physical activity for at least an hour a day. Even something like a one-hour brisk walk will work. But if you want you can workout/exercise specifically as well.


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Healthy Foods

You also want to try and heat organic and naturally raised/fed foods. It really does make a difference to your health and nutrient absorption ability.

Make sure you’re eating a wide variety of stuff too so you can get all the different types of nutrients, minerals and other compounds your body needs to survive and thrive

Finally, stay away from the stuff that’s bad for you.

We all know what this kind of stuff is – smoking, drinking, sugar.

But there’s another culprit of heart hurt that you may not have known about – simple carbs. Stuff like bread, pasta, rice and other grains/carbs.

You don’t have to cut them out entirely like we recommend you do with the “bad stuff.”

But definitely limit your intake of these simple carbohydrates. It’ll help you in the long run. And once you get past the first few days of cravings, you won’t even want them anymore.

More Tips

This is just an introduction to what you want to look at when you’re trying to get your heart health back in order.

We’ll continually share more tips and health talk on our blog.

Stay tuned!